Rent a game server Killing Floor 2

You do not need to register on LumpX to order a game server, but we recommend that you do this for easy server management and monitoring. You can do this at any convenient time.

Hello! We have already taken care of many difficulties and have done everything for you.
Immediately after ordering, you get access to a ready-made server that is open for connection and available for playing in classic mode. No action after ordering is required for the server to work. You become the main administrator of your own game server and you can invite your friends and play.

Server selection

  • Sorry, there are no free servers in the selected location at the moment. Please try again later.


  • Number of slots

    1 slot is one play space for 1 player
  • Preferred port within 27015-65000 (optional)

    You can choose the preferred port for your server. We cannot guarantee that this will be the same port, since if it is busy then the closest to it will be selected. If the field is left blank, then the port will be randomly selected within the acceptable range.
  • Email

    Please enter a valid email address. Since the owner of Email is the owner of the game server.
  • Lease Period

    30 days

Payment system

Choose the most suitable payment system for you. Please note that payment aggregators are also provided that already have several different payment methods in them.

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