Indicative Price List

This page provides information on the approximate cost of turnkey website development services. It is important to note that when writing a site, we do not use site designers and the work is carried out completely according to the individual needs of the customer from scratch. This, in turn, gives the site great advantages over competitors sites. What are the advantages of writing a site from scratch from «LumpX» without using constructors:

- Individual approach to the needs of the customer;
- High speed of the site
- Fast and correct functionality
- Prestige and the face of the company
- SEO optimization
and much more...

We want the visitor of your site to feel comfortable working with him and not leave it ahead of time ;)
If there is questions, do not hesitate! Write and get advice and a strategy for developing your own website. Consultation

  • Landing Page Website Development
    An initial solution for your business. One page company information
  • from 6999 RUB
    • from 92 USD
    • from 81 EUR
    • from 2585 UAH
  • Business Card Website Creation
    A small site consisting of one (or several) web pages and containing basic information about an organization, individual, company, goods or services, price lists, contact information.
  • from 9999 RUB
    • from 131 USD
    • from 115 EUR
    • from 3692 UAH
  • Corporate Site Creation
    The corporate site is the site of the company, its official virtual representation on the Internet. The corporate site contains a full amount of information about the company itself, about its field of activity, products and services offered.
  • from 39999 RUB
    • from 521 USD
    • from 460 EUR
    • from 14769 UAH
  • Site Support
    Monthly Site Health Support and Monitoring
  • from 2499 RUB / month
    • from 33 USD
    • from 29 EUR
    • from 923 UAH
  • Other
    Other site development work
  • Negotiated
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