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47000 RUB


22 вер 2022 00:10 | 12 днів назад

Kalmyk State University named after B.B.Gorodovikov announces enrolment to the faculty of pre-university education and training of foreign nationals. If you plan to gain a quality higher education in Russia but you do not speak Russian or your Russian language proficiency does not meet the requirements for entry, we offer you a foundation year at the faculty of pre-university education. PS: There’s a bonus programme for applicants this year at the University. What is included? If you complete your pre-university programme, and your total score for the admission exams is no less than 75 points, KalmSU offers you 20% off the first year of study cost. The goal of the foundation year is to form the necessary skills and orientation for the study in the higher educational institutions of the Russian Federation. The programme aims at:  acquiring the level of proficiency in the Russian language needed for the foreign nationals to study within the Russian university system, and to the extent that provides the opportunity to effectively communicate in the educational, professional and socio-cultural spheres;  mastering the system of subject knowledge necessary for foreign citizens to continue their studies at a higher educational institution of the Russian Federation in the areas of training. Duration of training: October-June. Form of training: full-time and distance learning (if necessary). Russian as a Foreign Language Course 720 hours, cost - 47,000 roubles. Includes vocabulary / grammar, listening comprehension, reading, writing, speaking sections at an elementary, basic and first level (A1-B1). Foundation year at preparatory department includes 710 hours of Russian + 300 hours of subjects in areas of major added in the second semester (March), the cost is 67000 roubles. Foundation year at preparatory department (for CIS and neighbouring countries) includes 710 hours of Russian + 300 hours of subjects in areas of major added in the second semester (March), the cost is 67,000 roubles Certificate of Completion After completing the training programme and successfully passing the exams at the pre-university department, foreign citizens receive a document certifying the completion of the course of study for the programme, indicating its name, number of hours and the results (grades). At the preparatory department international students are trained by certified and highly experienced specialists in teaching Russian as a foreign language (RFL). For all questions related to pre-university training, please contact: Russian Federation, Republic of Kalmykia, Elista, Ulitsa Lenina, 226, korpus 5 or by e-mail: , Phones (dean's office), (International Relations Department).


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Нохаева Цаган Четыро
Нохаева Цаган Четыро


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