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Support contact rules

  • • Support deals only with issues related to the LumpX resource
  • • It is forbidden to solve more than one problem in support for the same application. To solve another question or another problem, create a new application
  • • Applications containing obscene, rude language or insults are not accepted
  • • Correctly formulated your question will allow you to quickly and accurately resolve your question
All support tickets that do not meet the rules can be deleted or left unanswered

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    The technical support department is responsible for solving technical problems or providing technical assistance to customers related to the resource

    Finance deals with orders, payment procedures and other financial matters

    The development department is dedicated to improving, developing and making the service more efficient

    Department of moderators belongs to moderators of the resource. All tickets sent to the moderators department are sent to the moderators for consideration.

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  • We work daily:
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    The rest of the schedule is irregular
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  • We individually approach each issue or problem in order to achieve the most effective result.