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Channel activity

Channel activity

Automatically publish posts on your telegram channel systematically and constantly, this will increase the activity of your channel, its popularity will grow up. We can take over the whole process. Try it for free now.

Service benefits

Many people ask themselves the question «How to increase the popularity of your telegram channel» or «How to promote your telegram channel». One of the most important components for your telegram channel to start increasing its popularity is the cyclical constant publication of posts. This method will show your subscribers that the telegram channel is active and systematically publishes interesting posts to attract more subscribers.

You can support your own telegram channel, its active life with the help of the service from LumpX. Wherever you are, on vacation or just busy with other things, the service will automatically publish posts from other telegram channels you specified according to your fine settings. The active life of your telegram channel will give the following benefits:
  • • Increase popularity
  • • Increase activity
  • • Get new subscribers
  • • Save time
  • • Support multiple channels
  • • Perform fine tuning
Service benefits


To support the service, payment for dedicated physical servers (Dedicated Servers), we have introduced a line of tariff plans that will allow you to efficiently perform your tasks. You can get acquainted with the tariff line in the section «Tariff plans»