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Telegram bots

Telegram bots

  • • Automate your sales
  • • Quick acceptance and processing of orders
  • • Individual development and installation
  • • Without intermediaries for an inexpensive price
  • • Professional developers with over 10 years of experience
  • • One time payment without monthly payments
  • • Full automation. Take orders only
  • • Example:
  • Ideal for online stores, restaurants, cafes and other establishments

Telegram bot benefits

Convenience and automation of processes play an important role in modern business and in general the predisposition of customers. Automation will help you save time by processing more clients automatically. We can automate your business step by step, perform full synchronization and provide maximum efficiency.

  • Audience
  • Expand Your Audience Through Process Automation
  • Individuality
  • Individual installation and customization for your site, regardless of which constructor your site is developed on
  • Notifications
  • Instant notification of bot users about promotions or special offers in a convenient form
  • Orders
  • Quick acceptance of orders with notification in telegrams or on the website
  • Menu
  • Presentation of your menu in real time
  • Round the Clock
  • Bot 24/7
Telegram bots

Pack Price
Total from 300$ 199$

  • The package includes:
  • • Development and configuration of a telegram bot
  • • Website Synchronization
  • • Ability to notify about promotions and special offers
  • • Bot interaction website plugin development
  • • «Loopback» of automation processes
  • • Lifetime feature support and warranty