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Thermoelectric charger

2950 UAH
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27 jun 2022 16:20 | 1 year ago

To charge the phone, tablet, battery and LED lighting, you need only fire and water! Heat the water and charge the phone! Designed and manufactured in Ukraine. STALKER demo ATTENTION! The STALKER generator is a device for generating electricity from heat! This is his appointment! This is not a cooking tool! This is not a frying pan. The STALKER generator is a portable electric generator, powered by external liquid-cooled heating, and practically maintenance-free. STALKER is a small electric generator designed to power and charge multiple devices and does not need any spare parts or maintenance. STALKER is a particularly reliable and compact device that can generate an electric current up to 2A with a constant voltage of 5V, which is enough to charge any phone or tablet; it can also charge batteries, power up to five LED lights connected in parallel. Its small size (diameter 21 cm and 6 cm in height) and weight 900 gr., Make it easy to carry it in a backpack, in your hand or on a belt of trousers. Bag case for the device is made of fire-resistant tarpaulin, which guarantees its long-term operation. In the STALKER generator, only the best and proven components made in the USA, Germany, China are used. The recognizable type of housing and the apparent simplicity of the STALKER thermoelectric generator are the result of calculations and practical research. Such a body, with minimum dimensions and weight, provides the necessary thermodynamic balance and maximum strength. When the generator operates, temperature drops up to 600 ° C and a pressure of 170 kg occur, as well as tightness and resistance to mechanical damage are necessary. For reliable work in such difficult conditions, the technologies used in rocket production and space technology were used. STALKER generator is designed to work in the most difficult and extreme conditions, in any weather, it will provide electricity. Enough to provide him with any source of heat and proper cooling. For cooling, you can use any non-toxic and non-flammable liquid, water, snow, ice, mud, wet sand (it should be replaced immediately after drying). Restriction: insufficient cooling will lead to the destruction of thermoelectric elements. When used for cooling drinking water, as a nice bonus, you get hot water for making drinks, etc.))) All information signs on the case are made by laser engraving - they will not disappear during the whole period of operation. The unique inscription on the pen is made by typographical method, wear-resistant paint, specially designed font, in order to protect against fakes. 110 Euro


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